The Importance of knowing where our food (and pet food!) comes from

The Importance of knowing where our food (and pet food!) comes from

Real food. Clean ingredients. Responsibly sourced. These are the standards that I have for the food I eat and bring into our home. We all know the impact that ingredients have on our health, but what isn’t talked about as much is the importance of where our food actually comes from.

Where we get our food from impacts farms, farmers, and our environment. It is also empowering when we know that our food comes from respected sources! Giving support to trusted farms is arguably just as important as the food itself.

Since adopting Leo in February, I have made a conscious effort to give him food with these same standards. Unfortunately, it was not easy to find a dog food without questionable ingredients. But when I discovered Beyond Natural Pet Food, a food that Leo LOVES and that meets all my standards, we knew it was a winner.

The Beyond Texas Beef flavor, one of Leo’s very favorites, is made with beef that is sourced from some of the finest ranches in Texas. It is the best feeling that he is being fueled with the right nutrition sourced from responsible sources. We both are pretty excited about it!

Tell me, do you make the effort to discover where your food is sourced?

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