My Healthy Fridge Staples

My Healthy Fridge Staples

Something that I LOVE is knowing what other people have in their kitchens. I think that it is so fun finding out what other’s eat! I can’t help but think of the show “MTV Cribs” and how the fridge was always my favorite part that they shared haha.

If you too love being nosy and getting to peak into people’s kitchens, then this post is for you! I also shared my pantry staples if you are curious. I truly believe that if you fill your kitchen with healthy food (that also tastes good), then you will more than likely make healthier choices overall. I grocery shop for both me and Sean to eat most of our meals at home. Alrightttt, lets get into it.

I am curious, do you have certain foods that you always keep stocked in your fridge?! Let me know in the comments!

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