live whole. stay wild.


I am a wellness seeker, a dessert lover, plant lady, and dog mom here to inspire and bring light to living a healthy lifestyle.

Wildly Wholesome is a space I created to share my passion for real and attainable wellness. I share recipes, positivity, and healthy daily practices for living a wholesome life.

Some facts about me:

+ I live with my husband (see our elopement story here!) and our two adopted pups in our plant filled apartment.

+I have my bachelors degree in nutrition and dietetics and have always had a love for food!

+ I am a lover of all things simple and beautiful.

+My passion for health began my freshman year of college.

+I am an enneagram 4 and my sun sign is Capricorn.

+I could live off of avocado toast on crusty gluten free sourdough bread forever.

+My laugh is hella loud and sometimes embarrassing but I’ve learned to love it about myself.

+I dream of living in California one day! I have only been once (when we eloped) but I know it is where I belong.

Some of my favorite things include: sunlight shining through our home, creamy matcha lattes, cutting open to a perfecty avocado, bringing home a new plant baby, the smell of freshly baked (gluten free) banana bread, feeling strong after a good workout, and getting to connect with likeminded peeps. Want to ever chat? Send me a DM on the ‘gram or email me Xx